The Deadline Diet – The Test of Women’s Health Mag

I’m a college student. And not one who gained the Freshman 15 (or 20, or 40). I’m not a girl who people call overweight, and most people call me kiiiinda crazy on rare occassions when I refer to my monster thighs or overexaggerate about my (not quite existent) muffin top. But hey, we all have flaws and we all hate our own while mostly ignoring others (unless we have nothing else to do with ourselves than criticize others. Lame).

BUT I’m a fitness addict, yet I don’t quite see the results I think I SHOULD see considering how much time I spend in the gym or running on the streets of Boston.

Finally, here’s the point of this: I’m devoting my workouts to tests of fitness magazines’ so-called “wonder-workouts” and “fitness breakthrough” programs. Ever wonder if the moves they list actually WORK? Sure, fitness models look awesome (REALLY awesome) doing plies, squats, and deadlifts, but they looked like that already! SO…will it work? THAT is the question.

I’ll be following the Women’s Health Magazine (LOVE this magazine) Deadline Diet for the next month. And, well, they seem to think that it works for a deadline a month away, so we’ll see if it lives up to their claims. No results after one month, none at all? Then I move on, and try another one of these fit plans, to test the truth, or prove the myth, of their claims.

I’m out of my last midterm exam in 4 hours. Let the games begin!